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These products are widely used in the areas of home, restaurants, and hotels where daily a large number of utensils are washed

Trix Dishwashing Liquid 250ml Lemon. Trix dishwashing liquid gives you the fastest and shiniest scratch-free clean. Its power-rich thick foam quickly works through the toughest of grease stains and unseen food residue bringing your dishes to their incredible best; fresh, shiny and sparkling clean.

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Lizol is a disinfectant surface cleaner that removes 99.9% of the germs, removes tough stains, and leaves a long lasting pleasant fragrance. It can be used for cleaning all kinds of surfaces including floor, tiles, kitchen, sink, table, etc. It is 10x more effective than regular cleaners, and protects against 100 illness causing germs. Available in different fragrances- Citrus, Floral, Jasmine and Lavendar fragrances.