Product Type Antibacterial Wet Wipes Brand Dettol

This cleaning duster is easy to use for daily brushing away the dust on the car body or to absorb water. It has high durability. 

Go Duster makes dusting fast, easy and fun! It's a handheld, completely cordless, battery operated spinning duster that picks up dust like a magnet.

Product: Duster  Material : Chicken Feather Color: Red

Now you can easily wash and scrub showers, mirrors, and other surfaces.

Plastic Portable Spray Bottle Empty are used  for cleaning solutions. 

Dust Wax Brush Duster

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Material: Microfiber, Plastic, Stainless Steel, Size: 40x15.5cm;Strechable length up to 83cm


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Less time consuming, audomatically does work, battery operated no wires used. 

sprinkler spray pot

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Made of plastic, three colors are available, size: 260*75*75mm