new ৳ 18,940.00
৳ 18,940.00

RO – Best quality RO membrane (75 GPD), last upto 3 years RO removes virus, lime, heavy metals, micro organism UV – UV Kills all types of bacteria TDS – decrease TDS up to 90% Water flow – 15L/H 8 Liter water storage capacity Digital indicator shows water storage level, life line of the individual filter Maintain all the minerals perfectly Available Spare Filter

new ৳ 18,050.00
৳ 18,050.00

The smart RO purifier has a digital display of purity for the convenience of the users. Auto Shutdown Technology. Advanced Germkill Kit!

new ৳ 18,569.00
৳ 18,569.00

10" TwoStage Water Filter. Function: Removing the particles, impurities and silica from water. Material: Best Quality Coconut Carbon.

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৳ 1,640.00

This remarkable water purifier transforms ordinary tap water into clean, healthy mineralized alkaline drinking water.

Nuvo Domestic Water Purifier with Arsenic Removal This water purifier provides pure and safe drinking water which is having good looking to keep bedroom or any place in the house and having safe using functions to reduce problems in purifying.

Classic Germkill Kit

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With the Pureit water purifier, say goodbye to all the hassles and worries related to drinking clean water.