Brand: Singer  Type: Refrigerator  Product warranty: 8 Years Compressor and 2 Year Service Warranty 

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Plastic Can Opener

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৳ 412.00

A kitchen utensil that is used to enable bottles and cans to be easily opened with leverage. The opener is formed with a die-cut opening that enables this utensil to be angled over a cap so it can be lifted up to remove crimped caps from the top of bottles  

Walton WNH-3H6-0101-HDXX-XX  op Mount Refrigerator 328L LED lighting in both refrigerator and freezer compartment. Using Eco friendly R600a refrigerant.

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৳ 76,981.00

LG Platinum Silver No-Frost Refrigerator – 308L  Energy Saving, Quiet Operation, Durabilite, LG internal test data based on “KS C ISO15502” Standard. Gross Capacity - 308L