Fujifilm Photo Print Paper - 230 gsm

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Fujifilm photo print paper.

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Fujifilm Photo Print Paper - 230 gsm

Photo quality paper ideal for all types of photo printing.Compatible with all makes of printer giving extra glossiness for outstanding sharpness and more vivid colour reproduction. The nano-porous ink receiving layer has been refined to improve the smoothness of the surface while providing a luxurious gloss. This also leads to higher density of output images, producing the appearance of a deep sense of dimensionality.

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  • shishir

    2020-04-25 10:08:43

    good product and good delivery.

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Product information

Product Name: Fujifilm Photo Print Paper

Brand Name: Fujifilm

Paper Size: A4

Paper: Glossy

Paper Quantity: 20 pcs

GSM: 230



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